With the ever more intense development of business activities, it has become increasingly important for companies to update their compliance with the constantly changing regulatory norms imposed by Brazil, not to mention the ever present complexities of bureaucracy. Given such needs, Fogaça Moreti Law Offices offers the following services in relation to regulatory requirements:

  • Evaluation of registration procedures before regulatory bodies;
  • Defense and appeals before organs of public administration;
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses and operational registrations before public agencies, such as:
  • Operational authorizations/licenses at the Federal, State and/or Municipal levels;
  • Fire Department Inspections and regularization of permits for building renovations;
  • Regularization of building/operations/zoning permits before municipal authorities and real estate notaries;
  • Incorporation, or revocation, of condominium, residential or commercial development covenants;
  • Securing of registrations, licenses, and enrollments, such as: registrations, licenses, and enrollments for tax purposes, CNPJ/MF, State and Municipal registrations, INSS and FGTS
  • Operational reorganization and CNAES/entities enrollments;
  • Securing of enrollments, licenses, and registrations before Chambers of Commerce throughout Brazil;
  • Securing of variances under fiscal, regulatory, and operational regimes;
  • Consultations regarding regulatory and tax obligations;
  • Securing and maintenance of authorizations, registrations, and licenses from Regulatory Agencies;
  • Securing of operational licenses and registrations for products and entities before the National Health Surveillance Agencies, ANVISA, MAPA and INMETRO/IPEN;
  • Compliance with rules for labeling, transportation, storage, and advertising before public organs, such as ANVISA, ANS, MAPA, ANAC, ANEEL, ANATEL, ANTT, ANP, INMETRO, ONS, and CONAR, among others;
  • Development/implementation of commercial promotions and distribution of rewards (raffles and competitions);
  • Consultation and assistance with procedures for implementation of rules/manuals/internal policies regarding clients, suppliers;
  • Securing of Licenses and Reports regarding use of dangerous chemical products and explosives;
  • Securing of operational licenses before the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Police, and the Civil Police;
  • Consultation and execution of procedures for the implementation of rules/manuals/internal policies for clients and suppliers of goods and/or services.