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The Anti-corruption Law gives provisions regarding the administrative and civil liability of legal entities for acts committed against the public administration. Penalties can be imposed, including fines on the company’s gross annual revenue or, in a final case, the forced dissolution of the legal entity. Fogaça Moreti is ready to work on actions such as:

  • Development of corporate governance policies for the relationship with the other players of the negotiation;
  • Assessment of risks, taking into account the company’s end activity and advising on the implementation of preventive policies;
  • Manual of conduct and internal procedures. Codes of corporate governance in accordance with the laws in effect in the country to spread good practices among collaborators;
  • Adaptation to international legislation to combat corruption (FCPA, UK Act);
  • Analysis of contracts in the light of the national anti-corruption laws;
  • Due Diligence and Investigations for identification and determination of improper conduct for company negotiations;
  • Assessment of corporate risks based on the company’s activity type.