Nowadays, corporate and equity management requires efficient, professional handling. This is essential due to four factors: the preparation of the business structure for growth and development in the segment of operations; the separation and protection of the equity allocated to the business activity from the personal equity of the entrepreneur; planning and organization of the business succession. To ensure efficient solutions in the face of such needs, Fogaça Moreti Attorneys provides customized services, such as:

  • Advising and formation of business companies (joint-stock, limited, simple, special partnership, individual limited liability company [EIRELI], etc.);
  • Formation and advising on foreign business operations in the country;
  • Formation and advising on business operations abroad;
  • Dissolution of companies;
  • Conflicts between partners and shareholders;
  • Advising in assemblies and meetings of partners/shareholders;
  • Registry of corporate actions with government agencies.